Welcome to Brabourne Baptist Church

We are a community-focused group of people who are seeking to love God by following Jesus, loving others and serving our world. If you are in the area and would like to join us, you will be made very welcome.

At Brabourne Baptist Church we meet on Sunday mornings at 10.30am. We also meet at other times of the week for home groups.

Cafe Wednesday (every Wednesday morning) has been serving the community now for many years.

There are a number of other groups who meet once or twice a month: including "Meeting Point", Ladies Bible Study/Coffee Morning, Ruth Group, and the Art and Camera Club which meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 10.00AM.

Our wider links are with the "Congregation of the Way" in Karmiel, "Open Doors", "Tear Fund", "Fair Trade", "Operation Sunshine", "Baptist Union" and "SEBA" and "BMS".

If you would like more information about anything to do with our Fellowship, please contact info@brabournebaptist.org.uk


                                               Services & Events in March

                                               at Brabourne Baptist Church  

                                          MINISTER IN TRAINING   Paul Muir.

                          Phone 07929269777 or email ;pjm436@hotmail.co.uk

                                       Deacon David Bonnett 2, Orpins Close Brabourne Lees

                                      tel 01303 814437 Mobile 07938510751.        

                                     e-mail davidandsylviab@btinternet.com 


Sunday. January 6th  at 10.30am. Speaker Paul Muir ;Covenant Service with Communion.

Sunday  January 13th at 10.30 am Speaker Corrine Herrick and Keeley Taylor

Sunday  January 20th at 10.30am Speaker Paul Muir ;(including Communion)

Sunday January 27th at 10.30am.speaker ;Elnur Jablyev from Turk Belt Ministries,

 who suport persecuted Christians in Turkey,Azerbaijan and Central Asia.

Church Prayer Day .Thursday 17th January from 9am to 7pmJoin us for all part or parts of the day

New Prayer times .We have started to meet for prayer at church from 9am-9.30 am from Monday to Friday (Inclusive)and will be meeting again from 7th January onwards.

When Services finish Tea and coffee will be served in small hall.


God made a Covenant with Israel who were called to be Holy  Nation,Chosen to bear witness to his steadfast love by finding delight in the law.

The covenant was renewed and extended in Jesus Christ our Lord,in his life and work,death and reurrection,that in him all people may be set free from sin and its power and united in love and obedience.

In this covenant God promises to give us new life in Christ,We for our part are pledged to live no more for ourselves but for God .

Now we come ,as generations have met beforeus,to renew the Covenant which bound them and binds us to God.

So as the people of Brabourne Baptist Church we come,on this first Sunday of the New Year (2019)to stand in Gods Presence and renew our promises to Him and to each other.As Gods people here in this place,this is something that is good for us to do .If you are a visitor with us today and you too would like to re-affirm yourself in faith and service to the Lord,then please feel free to join with us in our responses.

If you are comfortable to now stand then please do ,The answers are all WE DO,except for the last which is a WE WILL.

LEADER;      As believers who form the Church here at Brabourne Baptist Church,do you re-affirm your faith in the One God, Father,Son and Holy Spirit?


LEADER:  Jesus said,"A new command I give you;Love one another.As I have loved you,so you must love one another.By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,if you love one another."(John  13;34-35.

Do you re-affirm your commitment to love one another.


LEADER: Would you now turn to those in your immediate vincity and shake their hand or if you are so inclined give them a hugand say,"The peace of the Lord be with you always"and in reply say "and with you."

LEADER:   Jesus said,"therefore go and make disiples of alll nationsbaptising them in the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."(matt 28;19.

Do you re-affirm your commitment to serve the Lord and his people in the very best way you are able?


LEADER:   The apostle Paul writes;"you are no longer foreigners and strangers  ,but fellow citizens with Gods people and also members of his household,built on the foundation of the apostles  and prophets ,with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.In him the whole building is joined together and rises to becomea holy temple in the Lord."(Eph.2;19-21)

With Gods help and in his power this Church was established in and for this community by the saints of the past generations.We are now Brabourne's people.We are now the Church of today.

It is we who are called to carry on God's work here and so,as the people and friends of Brabourne Baptist Churcd,will you re-affirm your commitment to this Church and its divine purpose,to the leaders and their calling,to the peoples who are Gods family and to the people of this community who are called to serve and bring the good news of Jesus Christ too.


Leader;    Trusting in Jesus Christ our Saviour,and confessing him as Lord ,we now covenant together to walk with God,inall his ways made known or to be made known,and in all the responsibilities and privilages of church fellowship,worship,service and witness;

So then ,we now dedicate this fellowship to live to the glory of the everlasting God,Father,Son and Holy Spirit.Amen

PRAYER;   Lord we pray thattt we your people may be obedient to the vision you have given us.

May we be:a)witnessing church,where Jesus Christ is proclaimed as Saviour and Lord

a teaching church,their mind formed by the Apostolic faith;

a loving church,where forgiveness and mutual care prevail an obedient church,where Christ alone is head.

a serving church ,overflowing in care and concern for all who are in need;

a visionary church,ever seeking to discern the signs of the spirit's action in the world;

a missional church with heart for seeking and saving the lost;

a praying church where adoration,confession,thanksgiving  and intercession are priority.As this church goes on in fellowship with itself and the wider church,we pray that we may support each other and grow together in the unity of the spirit,through Jesus Christ our Lord .Amen.




Prayer Mail/Chain.Anyone who is not on the Prayer  Mail can request prayer by contacting Val Crip (01303 812484)Your request will then be ciculated via Prayer Mail.Please use this Facilty for prayer support in all situatins.All imformation is confidential to the chain,unless you ask for it to be shared more widely.


                               Messy church Saturday 5th January at 3-0 pm.-5-0 pm

We now start a new venture ;for all the family Mums Dads and mainly Children young and older

Drawing,activities,craft & food,come along and enjoy yourselves.Christmas party please bring along a plate of food if you can.

Further details from

  Cafe Wednsday 10.00am -11.30     



                                              News and Events

MP visit will be on Friday January 18th From 3.45-4.30 .If you have any questions,complaints or comments,please book an appointment by e-mail post code,subject   and message to shepwayconservatives@btconnect.com or telephone 01303253524


Ladies Coffee Morning;from now on will be meeting in the cabin behind the church on the first and third Tuesday off the the month ring Pat on 01303 81219

Church Bookings ;- If you wish to book the church hall for a meeting or function,please phone

Geoff Thorpe 01303813152

Meeting Point will be  24th January10am till 12.pm Christmas Special all welcome please contact Cathy on 01303814132    

ART CLUB;- Tuesday January 8th  from 10am-12pm at church.  Phone Mike 812484.Contact mike for further detailat 3.45-4.30                                                                 

CAF'E WED;-                                  10am to 11.30am for tea and coffee and a warm welcome.

Orpins Close Home Group meets Tuesday , starting at 7.00

Phone David or Sylvia 01303814437.

Calland Home Group; Meets every Wednsday  October 3rdbfrom 7.30.

Please phone Cathy 01303814132

Canterbury  Road Home Group lead by Geoff Thorpe  the first tuesday of month starting  at 7.30 pm

phone Geoff Thorpe 01303 813152,

MERSHAM AFTERNOON CLUB -; IF YOU ARE FREE WITH NOTHING TO DO .Why not come along ,to see what goes on and you might  enjoy yourselves  for more imformation about our friendly village club please contact Kath on 012333503596 its the second Tuesday off the month.

Neighbourhood Officers:Your     PSCOis Bradley Hobbs can be contacted on bradley.hobbs@kent.pnn.police.uk For non-urgent calls phone 101 and for urgent calls phone 999.your community Warden is Grahaam Kingston can be contacted on 07813 712805.Ashford Police Station is 01233 611055


David 01303 814437 FOR IMFORMATION

Cathy 01303 814132 FOR IMFORMATION


Hearing aid services is the first Wednesday off each month(cleaning out replace tubes and batteries the service is free of charge.










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